Eric Pemper, originally from Columbus, Ohio, grew up in the sunny city of San Diego, California. There is plenty to do in San Diego. From the beach, to museums, attractions, and nightlife; it seems like you can fill up your week with so many activities and still have more to do and see.

Mission Beach, San Diego’s most iconic beach is the perfect example of San Diego Beaches. Walk along the 4 mile long boardwalk connecting to San Diego’s most local beach, Pacific Beach. There are many shops and restaurants up and down the boardwalk making it the perfect place to spend the day. After doing a bit of window shopping you can ride the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster that is located next to the beach.

San Diego is home to some of the best family attractions in Southern California. The popular and fun interactive San Diego Zoo Safari Park is a great family activity, the kids will love it. The zoo is home to more than 3,700 rare and endangered species, and a botanical collection of more than 700,000 exotic plants.

eric pemper
Eric Pemper enjoys going to SeaWorld.

Another fun family activity is going to SeaWorld. This 190 acre park is known for its water shows and attractions. SeaWorld’s main attraction is the Killer Whale Show. Here you can watch the whales perform tricks, swim, and get drenched in water if you are in the “wet zone”. The park also has 2 amusement rides, Journey to Atlantis and Manta. Journey to Atlantis is a water slide/roller coaster ride and Manta is a fun and thrilling roller coaster ride. If you are visiting SeaWorld during the summer, be sure to check out the “Sea Lion Tonight Show” during the evening, you will not stop laughing from this hilarious show.

San Diego also has a lot of museums and art studios to browse around in. One of the most popular museums is the USS Midway Museum. The USS Midway Museum allows you imagine what life is like on a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier. Visitors board the longest-serving American aircraft carrier of the 20th century. Upon the aircraft you can see 60 different exhibits and 29 restored aircraft. Self-audio tours are available, in which you get to see ship jails, the engine room, sleeping quarters, and the primary flight control room.

San Diego has a lot to offer during the day and as well as night. The nightlife in San Diego is full of dance clubs and bars. The Gaslamp district is 16 blocks of trendy restaurants, art galleries, and nightclubs. You can take the Old Town Trolley tour if you are not into the whole nightlife experience. However, if you are a night owl then The Gaslamp is the place for a good night out.


Back in 96’ Eric Pemper attended the University California, San Diego. Here is where he graduated with a major in computer engineering and a minor in history/political science.

In the year of 2011, Washington Monthly named UCSD the best school in America, beating schools like Harvard, UCLA, Berkley, Stanford and other prestigious schools. UCSD has two of the highest ranked schools in the fields of engineering and medicine. On-campus is the Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table, which is designed to test a structure’s ability to withstand simulated earthquakes.

Eric Pemper
Eric Pemper attended UC San Diego

UCSD’s campus sits next to the beach. Literal walking distance to the beach and has an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean. A large amount of trees decorates inside and around the campus. Often time’s UCSD is brought up in discussions and debates whether it has a prettier campus than the campus at University of Santa Barbara, another school that sits next to the Pacific Ocean.

Nobel Prize Winners have come out from UCSD’s faculty staff. Five professors and staff members have gone to receive the Nobel Prize for their excellence in oceanography, chemistry, and economics. The most recent prize winner was Professor Roger Tsien. Professor Tsien teaches in the department of chemistry and biochemistry. In 2008 he received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for his discovery and development of the green fluorescent protein with two other chemists, Martin Chalfie and Osamu Shimomura.

In the 1980s the Sun God Festival was created. Today the school keeps the Sun God Festival tradition alive with performances from popular musicians, activities, student booths and vendors. Past performances at Sun God Festival include musicians like Drake, Social Distortion, Cake, Jimmy Eat World and Snoop Dogg.

The University California, San Diego is also known for its International House. The International House program, or also known as the I-House, houses about 350 students from more than 30 countries, where these students live and study together. The program is a spirited on-campus community devoted to promoting the international awareness and intercultural understanding at UCSD and around the world.

Notable UCSD alumni include Guy “Bud” Tribble and Bill Atkinson, these two helped create the first Apple Macintosh computer. Another honorable mention is an actor, director, and writer Mike Judge, creator of the comical film “Office Space” and the Emmy award winning T.V. series “King of the Hill”.

Hobbies and Sports

Whenever Eric Pemper is not in the office or in a meeting, he is taking the day off to relax and spend it with his family and friends.

Stepping away from the office to do some outdoor activities or exercising is good for your health. Running a business can be a lot of stress on a person. This is why Eric Pemper goes for a jog or goes swimming to relieve all the stress he gets from his businesses. Both running and swimming are great activities that help you relax.

Running helps enhance your immune system, anxiety, relieve stress, and slows the age process. You will start to feel better after a couple of runs, both mentally and physically. It helps you stay in shape and healthy.

Eric Pemper
Eric Pemper swims on his day off.

Swimming is another way to stay active and relive your stress. Whether it is swimming at your local pool or in the ocean, your body will benefit from it. Swimming is great for the heart and body muscle strength. Your mind is benefiting from swimming too, because during your swim your mind will take a break from all the meetings, projects, and deadlines you may have.

Eric Pemper also enjoys spending time with close friends and family on his days off. Putting in hours and hours of hard work so your family can have a good life is great, but spending time with them is even better. Eric likes to take a day to relax with his family at the park, to have a nice picnic or go out to the movies. The same goes for his friends. They understand that Eric’s schedule is hectic and that he has a lot on his plate and they respect that, but every now and then he takes the time to go out with friends, hang out or simply have a BBQ. Eric says, “the time you spend with your family and friends is just as important as the time you put into your business.”